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Workshop:Archival materials for Collections

September 14, 2012

Hands-on Workshop: Archival Materials for Collections

October 15, 2012
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
Fee: $35.00

Instructors: Amy Davidson
Senior Principal Preparator
Division of Paleontology
American Museum of Natural History

Lisa Herzog
Assistant Lab Manager
Paleontology & Geology Research Laboratory
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Many materials that are known to deteriorate over time are still commonly used in collections. These include Elmer's glue, Duco cement, nail polish, Wite-out, Scotch tape, adhesive labels, acidic papers, Sharpies and Bic pens. Participants in this workshop will experience how easy it is to use long-lasting archival materials instead, including Paraloid B-72, India ink, archival disposable pens, titanium white acrylic paint, acid-free paper, Japanese paper, Ethafoam, Tyvek and polyester batting.

This three-hour workshop begins with brief instructions after which participants work at their own pace with their own kit of materials. Each participant has a broken mini flowerpot "specimen" to 1) mend with an archival adhesive (Paraloid B-72), 2) label using six different archival methods and 3) house in a labeled, archival "cavity" mount. There is a group discussion at the end. The instructor also demonstrates easy ways to mix, dispense and work with Paraloid B-72. Participants take home their kit along with their completed "specimen", written instructions, recipes, a supplier list, a small library of PDF references and a Certificate of Completion.

Kit contents include two solutions of Paraloid B-72 in dispensers, archival white paint, a quill pen, archival papers, archival housing materials and samples of facing and backing materials.

Comments from past workshops:

"I have never used Paraloid before...I really like the ease of use and clean-up- I will absolutely be using this now at my museum.”

“...it is one thing to just talk about materials and methods, but to actually use them and experience them was fantastic.”

“I liked being able to try out and discuss different labeling methods.”

“The cradle instructions were very useful and will be implemented for my institution’s collections in the future.”

“so many great ideas, loved the practice time, good demos, clear descriptions”

“lots of good suggestions from classmates”

Please feel free to contact Amy Davidson off-list with any questions (davidson@amnh.org).

To register: Fill out online, print and mail the Museum’s Registration Form and Health Form with payment.