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Survey for Collections Care Professionals

August 01, 2012

Survey for Collections Care professional

Letter from SPNHC president, Chris Norris:

Dear SPNHC member,

As you may know, the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) recently launched the Collections Care Network (CCN) to create a voice for collections care, preventive conservation, and all of its practitioners. As a leader in the field of natural science collections care, SPNHC is a strong supporter of this effort.

AIC has now created a short survey to help identify the opportunities and challenges facing collections care professionals today. To ensure that we get a strong voice for the needs of natural history collections, I encourage you to follow the link below and participate.


AIC will be sharing the results of the survey and we hope to publish a summary in a future edition of the SPNHC Newsletter.

Many thanks for your help.

Chris Norris