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SPNHC 2011 President's Award-Congratulations to Andy Bentley

June 15, 2011

At our recent meeting in San Francisco, the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections conferred two awards, the President's Award and the Carolyn L. Rose Award.

The 2011 President’s Award: For activities which have furthered the objectives of the Society thru outstanding committee work, prolonged officer roles, or and promotion of activities of the Society.

In recognition of his significant contributions to both SPNHC and to the greater collections community, the SPNHC Council has voted to present the 2011 President’s Award to Andy Bentley.

Besides his “constantly helping with all of the countless, thankless tasks that keep SPNHC moving forward”, three of his activities were the basis for his nomination.
- “First, however, there is his dogged pursuit of an easing of the regulations relating to the transport of dangerous goods as this pertains to natural history specimens. Globally, there are thousands of collections staff and researchers that have good reason to be grateful for Andy’s tireless efforts in this area.“ “What he has achieved is far beyond what any of the rest of us thought could be accomplished.”
- “Andy deserves special merit for the amazing job he has done as editor of the SPNHC Newsletter. [He] has made the SPNHC Newsletter the most important means of communicating with the SPNHC membership.”
- “Motivated in part by his African roots, he has been on the strongest advocates for the expansion and internationalization of our Society.”