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Sessional Committee on Federal Collections Request

February 20, 2015

Sessional Committee on Federal Collections

SPNHC represents a broad community of people who have responsibility for the management of publicly owned collections in the U.S.A., including both employees of Federal agencies and staff from non-Federal repositories. The Federal Collections Sessional Committee is exploring the challenges this community faces in improving standards of collection care, documentation, accountability, and usage. Having done so, it will make recommendations to the Society’s Council on ways in which SPNHC can facilitate improved communication and collaboration between Federal and non-Federal entities in the management of collections.

The Sessional Committee is currently working with the Local Committee of the 2015 SPNHC meeting in Gainesville to organize a half-day session exploring some of the most commonly encountered issues affecting the management of Federal collections; these include permits, repository agreements, collection inventories, intellectual property rights, and the development of best practices. In advance of this, the Committee would like to hear from managers of Federal collections, both within agencies and repositories; we are especially interested in examples of challenges that they have encountered in dealing with their Federal or non-Federal partners, and the solutions that they have adopted to deal with these.

Submissions should be sent to the Chair of the Committee (christopher.norris@yale.edu) by April 1, 2015, and will treated in strict confidence.