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Choose a membership type

SPNHC Membership is January 1st until December 31st. Please pay on time.

Memerbship Dues (electronic subscription only; additional supplement for paper subscription below)

$350 - Corporate/Commercial
$75 - Institutional/Associate (please include name of voting member)
$55 - Library/Subscription Service
$45 - Regular
$20 - Student

In addition to paying the student membership fee, student members are required to email a copy of their current student ID card to the Society's Treasurer within 48 hours of payment. Failure to do so may invalidate your membership. Payments will not be refunded.

Life memberships are currently $1,125 and may be paid under one of three payment options. Please contact the SPNHC Treasurer for further information.

Paper subscription supplement (if you wish to receive hard copies of Collection Forum and the SPNHC Newsletter). This supplement is in addition to the Membership Dues listed above

Collection Forum - $25
SPNHC Newsletter - $20


Select Fund Type:

Founder's Fund
Award Fund

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SPNHC Application & Renewal Form The Application & Renewal Form is available as a PDF download.