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Grants and Awards

Through its Recognition and Grants Committee, SPNHC provides funding to support conference travel and research projects, and awards that recognize individuals who through excellence promote or advance the aims of the Society.

Further information is available by following the links at the side of this page. Questions and nominations should be directed to the Chair of the Recognition & Grants Committee, Chris Norris, Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada.

SPNHC RECOGNIZED AWARDS AND GRANTS & list of past recipients



For recognition of an individual for exceptional contributions to the objectives of the Society.


For a direct or indirect significant contribution to the objectives of the Society. Nominee may be SPNHC member or non-member.

1993: Mary-Lou Florian
2002:Carolyn Rose
2008: Stephen L. Williams
2010: Robert Waller
2011: John Simmons
2012: Cathy Hawks


For superior service to the Society. Normally, this would involve superior, prolonged service to appointed offices, committees, and/or ongoing activities of SPNHC. Nominee must be a current or previous SPNHC member.

1993:Suzanne McLaren
1995: Paisley Cato
1998: Janet Waddington
1999: Steve Williams
2000: Julia Golden
2001: Carolyn Rose
2002: Ann Pinzl
2003: Cathy Hawks
2008: Lisa Palmer
2011: Andy Bentley
2012: Tim White



For recognition of individual(s) for any special effort leading to the success of an important event or activity of the Society. The award is primarily a statement of appreciation.

2000: Iris Hardy & Alex Wilson
2001: David von Endt & Jean DeMouthe
2002: Jean-Marc Gagnon & Ingrid Birker
2003: Chris Norris & Richard Monk
2004: Elana Benamy, Tim White, Barbara Brown & Chris Norris
2005: Lori Benson, Laura Abraczinskas,  Ann Pinzl, Rob Huxley, Chris Collins
2006: Cindy Ramotnik, Jane Mygatt. Cheryl Parmenter, Karen Kajiwara, Tom Giermakowski, Chris Frazier, Jon Greggs
2007: Gretchen Anderson & Local Organizing Committee
2008: Janet Braun & Marcie Revelez & Local Organizing Committee
2009: René Dekker, Dries van Dam and Christiane Quaisser
2010: Jean-Marc Gagnon & Judith Price & Local Organizing Committee
2011:  Debra Trock & Local Organizing Committee
2012: Lisa Elkin, Barb Brown, Tim White and the Local Organizing Committee
2013: Greg Watkins-Colwell, Amanda Neill, Sally Shelton and the Local Organizing Committee


A cash grant ($1000 maximum) for a competitive research proposal, intended to encourage innovative projects that promote the objectives of the Society in collections management, conservation, or other collection-oriented aspects of natural history.

1996:  Julia Golden
1999: Jennifer Pestovic
2001: Lori Benson & Rose Kubiatowcz
2005: Ann Molineux
2008: Mariko Kageyama
2013: Gail Gali Beiner et al.


A Travel Grant program designed to assist members with the costs of attending the Society's annual meeting. A total of $3,000 has been allocated to the program and grants will be for a minimum of $750 each. Applicants should be members of the Society. Preference will be given to graduate students or emerging professionals in fields related to the management and conservation of natural history collections. Applications are handled by the meeting Local Organizing Committee and more details on applying can be obtained from the meeting website. Mentors are provided for each successful applicant for the duration of the meeting as well as assistance before and after the meeting with attendance planning, abstract and oral or poster presentation, submission for publication etc.

2010: Bethany Palumbo &  Lydia Garetano
2011: Emma Freeman
2012: Rachel Sargent, Meghann Toner, Ann Trapaga, Nickson Otieno
2013: Kathleen Anderson, Evelyn Ayre, Mireia Beas Moix, Kari Harris, Kyndall Hildebrandt, Amanda Lawrence, Fran Ritchie, Gretchen Wilbrandt